Gene tests for vWD - a sound selection in breeding or a sales ploy?

What do you think?
In 2004 there was a lot of talk among breeders worldwide that some individuals had vWD – or as it was called …individuals with bleeding disorder

In the beginning of 2004 a female was tested for bleeding disorder with the so-called Elise test and she had a grading of the test that said she should be dead. AND she really was not.

The test was adapted for Dobermans and proved to be very misleading for Pinscher - she was not at all ill or even a carrier according to the next testing.
Later that year, 2004 I tested, despite advice against it from different breeders Bronx with a DNAtest using saliva. I wanted to see if he was sick and had a bleeding disorder- the test had only been done on a few German Pinschers and was brand new at the clinic.
The response from the testing clinic came back and showed that Bronx was a carrier of vWD - ie not affected but heterozygous.
The result made me, as breeders, geneticists interested and “BronxOwner” wanting to familiarize myself with what this would mean to us.
Therefore, since 2004 I have collected as much as I could about this. I contacted all testing clinics, one became two became three, became four .... asking for results and statistics, facts.
I wrote to the owners of the dogs I knew were in the Bronx lines, other dogs lines where the owner filled me in on status carrier. I contacted those who had offspring’s to Bronx - informed and asked if they ... ..
An Excel document was created and filled out as soon as I got the facts about the new tested individuals.
I got some hits in the pedigrees of dogs that were carriers; I could see "risky zones".
Carriers who had crossed the path of carriers in the pedigrees - but still not any sick, affected individuals tested or detected.
In the 7 years that I have collected, searched and asked around, I have not found a single dog that was homozygous, ie. affected of vWD. Nor have I come up with someone who said they had a dog that at the docking / whelping had major bleeding, or after being cut in the pulp had sever problem ... NONE!!!!!!!
No one has been able to tell me that they had a dog, knew of a dog with a bleeding disorder in any way ...
This made me, to say it mildly a little hesitant on the testing and how they was able to prepare a test without having the breed genetic table basing it on.
Regular contact was made, I send them questioned regarding “how they worked out the testkit” Based on? ... How could they determine the German Pinscher genetic look, regarding free, carriers and affected if they had NOT had all the three genetic types represented???
Those questions, I had only got very evasive answers from the testing clinics. Nobody could give me an answer on how they come up with the Pinscher testing kits.
2008 was the first time I sent an inquiry about this to the clinics - I have, despite countless repetitions still not received a direct response.
This put together with the answer from genetic expert's – working with bleeding disorder for the SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) stating that;
"There is no point in genetic testing for a defect that is not detected clinically and verified by conventional biochemical methods.

Best regards, Bernt Jones'
To me this makes testing with invalidated tests equal to throwing money down the drain!
BUT do you dare to be the one stop testing for a test that has no bearing and purpose for, in the breed?
To sell puppies there seem to be many breeders who test for mostly all kinds of health concerns, claiming to be breeding for healthy and sound GPs - without questioning why …. seems to be the way many go.
But is it really in the breed's best?
To advocate breeding’s off only tested vWD, saying to avoid mating two carriers ... Is it really to breed healthy ... when there is not a single affected worldwide?
But what is it that makes you as a breeder choosing to test for over 8000skr (a figure I have put in for testing vWD) when there are no affected dogs with vWD in this breed? Answer; YOU do not want to be singled out as a unserious breeder
It's obviously a marketing thing - as with all other sales - not to risk having to remain with the pups.
But are you really "more" aware, more serious if only breeding with vWDtested dogs - without taking into account that we do NOT have a single affected dog with vWD?
Are we more serious if we only breed with vWDtested although SKK DNAgroup discouraged, SLU geneticist, expert in bleeding disorder discouraged and the club wants us to stop and think ....
Or has this lead us to, over the years rather than useing rejecting important breeding material which led to an increase in inbreeding and a reduction in the effective breeding stock?

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